ERAone Footwear was founded in 2016 with a singular purpose: to bring back the puff. After a long period of lowest common denominator, identikit, thin, vulcanised footwear, over the past few years there has been a concerted effort from some skate shoe companies to try to go back to their roots. Unfortunately it has been largely an unsuccessful endeavour, with skaters who know and love these older designs being continually let down, with each new "re-issue" leading only to further disappointment.


Our Mission

ERAone Footwear aims to foment change, and revive forgotten styles. For too long, skate shoes have been skinny, and lacking padding, leading to bruised feet and un-stylish gear choices. This must stop.

ERAone will be a combination of reviving forgotten styles, and new tech-explorations. 


A few years back, a movement sprung up on instagram, the #sk8shoewars, spearheaded by the mighty @chomponkicks. More than just (mostly) dudes sharing pictures of their vintage skate shoes, forgotten faves or freshest kicks, it was a place for people to reminisce about the 90's - early 00's era of shoe design, and share their thoughts on where it currently is, and could be headed. It even became a place where owners, manager and designers of skate shoes came to test the water, and gauge where the heads were at. Seemingly based on the renewed interest, old brands were dusted off, and existing brands started to look towards their roots for inspiration.


Then came the OGSSC group, a hardy group of skate shoe purists, all with their own definitions of purity as it pertains to shoe design. Opinions were shared. Feelings were hurt. But above all, a community was built, based on a shared passion for the bygone eras of skate shoe design, whichever it was. Out of this arose ERAone Footwear, which, while it hearkens back to the peak 90's era of shoe design, also seeks to find a new expression of what shoe design can, and should be.

Bring Back The Puff
— Malcolm - OGSSC

What We've Achieved

  • Doodly squat
  • This website, I guess
  • Still, bugger all
  • Give us a little time, bro